CitiMortgage offers you the chance to reduce interest rates or extend mortgage terms by refinancing if you are overextended or unable to make current mortgage payments. CitiMortgage offers various mortgage and refinancing options. You can secure a fixed rate mortgage so that your interest rate will never change. Even if the interest rate skyrockets, your rate will stay the same. You can also obtain an adjustable rate mortgage, so that you can enjoy lower interest rates when they decrease – but you’ll be risking higher interest rates as well. CitiMortgage provides online mortgage calculators. The site is secure.

CitiMortgage offers phone numbers and email addresses for answers to questions not covered in the site’s frequently asked questions section. Although there is no online chat, CitiMortgage responds quickly to inquiries.

CITIMortgage offers the following types of mortgage:

  • Fixed Rate Loans - You can choose from 10, 15, 20, 30 and 40-year terms and enjoy a fixed interest rate for the life of your loan.
  • Adjustable Rate Loans/Mortgages - A lower, fixed interest rate for a specific period of time with the rate adjusting based on financial markets for the remainder of the loan term.

CITIMortgage also has other types of loans:

  • FHA & VA Loans - For first-time homebuyers and active or veteran military personnel who meet qualifications.
  • Community Lending Programs - A variety of programs designed to extend ownership to a wider circle.
CitiMortgage Summary:

CitiMortgage is a lender to consider for mortgages and refinancing. The web site explains many terms and outlines the application process clearly. You will be assigned your own account so you can keep track of your application process online.



CitiMortgage is a competitive provider of mortgages and refinancing.

In case you expect online chat support, be aware that you can reach CitiMortgage by telephone, not online chat.

The Verdict:

CitiMortgage provides useful educational materials, a perfectly acceptable application process and accessible customer service.