Wells Fargo has been around since the 1850s with an online presence since the 1990s. Wells Fargo Home Mortgage allows borrowers to research home mortgage refinancing. With important tools and information on site, you can learn whether home mortgage refinancing is the correct route. The online refinance program allows you to find out whether you are eligible for grant and government programs. With the mortgage refinancing calculator, you can also determine whether to go with a home mortgage refinance or a completely new loan. The Wells Fargo home mortgage tools and applications can only be used by existing Wells Fargo customers. With the mortgage and refinance calculators, you know exactly what to expect from the loans you are considering. You will get estimates regarding interest rates and payments for different types of loans – whether it’s for refinancing or a new loan. Wells Fargo offers fixed rate mortgages, adjustable rate mortgages and renovation loans.

The site is secure, meaning that sensitive information is safe when it’s entered because it’s encrypted. Personal information such as finances, social security numbers and bank account numbers will be safe. Wells Fargo promotes safety by using Secure Socket Layer technology so that information moving from your computer to Wells Fargo online systems is scrambled and protected, making it nearly impossible for anyone else to obtain.

There is an upfront fee for refinancing. Wells Fargo provides mortgage refinance calculators so you can estimate monthly payment and interest rates. Calculators and loan payment information apply to the various loan types.

For people with less than perfect credit, Wells Fargo provides information and assistance. Wells Fargo provides online answers to frequently asked questions as well as a telephone number and email address.

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Summary:

Wells Fargo has useful tools and information available online. Customer service is excellent. You can work with Wells Fargo with confidence that you will be well served. If you need to buy a home or refinance a current mortgage, the Wells Fargo brand is one to trust.


Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Wells Fargo offers competitive rates and good customer service.

Hybrid mortgages are not available.

The Verdict:

Wells Fargo is one that we recommend if you need a mortgage or want to refinance an existing mortgage.